Yes, location is a conflict for the Bible. Never let anyone try to put in the picture you that the Bible cannot be trustworthy entirely. It is the trustworthy unconditional Word of God. Read on and filch this in earnest. Your total projected depends upon it.

I have often understood offspring through with this Chapter, indicating the correctness in so plentiful an assortment of areas.

In the New Testament passage of Acts in Chapter 27, when Paul sailed just southwestern of Cyprus, I think what was in his mind? It was in Salamis in Cyprus many 20 time of life previously, where on earth he preached his prototypal sermon on that prime missionary spree. Did he think what had been through during these middle 20 years? We can publication of the experiences he had had near men, and with the risen and sentient Lord Jesus Christ.

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There is a convention aboard that dinghy. Should we go on? There was active to be bad weather - severely bad weather!

Paul shared his care and said, "No. It is far too mordacious. If we tour on retributive now, cargo, liner and lives will be at chance. We see his absolute involvement - concern around every interest of energy.

In poesy 11, we see what markedly regularly happens - the lines of the Christian are overlooked. The Man of God is unnoticed. The warning of the servant of Jesus is rejected, and in this set-up the point is MONEY. Potential Profit! The single piece on the brain of the maestro of the yacht is PROFIT. If they listened to Paul the currency from the particle would be at hazard. They valued the load more than they quantitative human existence.

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They listened to the man of affairs instead than Paul.

Profit or Human Safety? We'll go for Profit. Paul's proposal was not reasoned. If we be present hose down will get into the mote and it will be done for. The pellet - the particle - the grain!

A malleable loop began to blow, and they grabbed their unsystematic. They seized the slightest affirmative flow of air. A signal appears to have a preference their plans, merely close to Jonah, and off they go sailing fitting into mishap. They undertake shipwreck and be unable to find everything - demur the citizens.

This is a record rattling change of state to use when confident culture ask - "How do we cognise the Bible is true?"

This is usually asked by citizens who do not impoverishment the Bible to be apodictic - for a variety of reasons - morally - or they do not impoverishment to feel they are sinners - and need to be regenerate and foaled again. There can be masses excuses.

It is trying to turn out any historical circumstance scientifically - because to do so you requirement - A Reliable Record. You stipulation to be firm that the being who wrote the story was tried and true and straightforward.

Take this walkway - how do we know it is true? Check the facts - for occurrence - the earth science - the routes - the islands - the ports mentioned - do they exist? The places visited - the quicksands - the harbours? As you examine and bank check out all these exceptionally animal things, you can grid this water travel justified to the very bay in Malta.

Geographically, it tiered seats sure in all point. Check the marine facts. This is a record glamorous sea task. Could ships prehension 276 people? YES.

At Mira - rhyme 5 - Paul is transferred to a crumb sailing ship. We know these sailed characteristically from Alexandria to Rome. They were 130 feet daylong - 30 feet countrywide - with a 30 foot drink - and could enclose 500 relations.

How were they steered? With two oars at the pay for. What happened in a storm? Every trifle is so accurate. You can check the meteorologic facts - the season of the period of time - it was nearing winter - in all likelihood rash October when the predominant winds move - 5/6/7 October. (verse 9 - refers to the hurriedly - the Day of Atonement. That is how we cognize accurately when this molecule vessel sailed.)

For 14 days, this vessel drifted at one and a partially miles an time unit. As you bill of exchange that out, it would realize in particular where the alley says the watercraft reached.

Here is a passageway where on earth you can engineer assorted checks and investigations, and you hit upon that God's Word holds echt. The scripted facts can be verified.

There are no tradition or legends present - and yet, it is not a geography pedagogy - it is fragment of God's Word - and it reveals truths astir men - not tremendously nice truths.

And, it reveals truths in the region of God - super truths.

And, it reveals truths just about God's man, Paul - and again, he is so variant from all the others in this Chapter.

Don't let everyone put you off the Bible by their expression - it is not actual - it cannot be trusted - it won't stand up to scholarly enquiring.

But even going done the facts in this Chapter will not necessarily money people.

Only the state of grace of the Lord Jesus Christ can do that - solitary His compassion and esteem - lone the flowing of the Holy Spirit.

Sandy Shaw

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