I didn't privation to write this piece. In fact, I've control put money on the incentive for the later 5 months (since Cam'ron appeared on 60 transactions). My prospect was that the lip service would die downfield vigorously. But with the new flowing of the "Stop Snitchin" campaign in the media, I textile it needful that I put an end to the hot air erstwhile and for all.

It is undeniably ABSURD for somebody to bring in that the construct of not snitchin' came from Hip-Hop. This is simply NOT TRUE. The fact is, "not snitchin" is a extraordinarily greatly ingrained facet of our nation's cultural textile. Here are a few areas that give you an idea about the No Snitchin' Code. None of them have a situation to do beside Hip-Hop.

Anyone who ever watched the movie, The Godfather caught at most minuscule a coup d'oeil of the thoroughly physical ITALIAN Mafia. The Mafia was notorious for having a written language of prevent from speaking when treatment next to the law. I can't calculate how galore modern world I've detected the terms "rat" or "stool pigeon" in use in Casino, Goodfellas or even the fashionable HBO order The Sopranos. We are all especially old next to the "no snitchin" attitude in this context of use AND the serious consequence for give this regulate. Is the media wearisome to charge that these pictures were innocently fictional?

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Right now, in elementary schools cross-town the United States, teachers can be heard saying, "Stop tattling" or "Don't be a telling tale" to their students. Is this a number of new way started by Hip-Hop? NO! I'm positive all of us can retrieve state schooled to die away "ratting" on classmates at lowest possible past in our younger days.

Even children have their own "no snitchin" belief. Or am I the lonesome one who has of all time had a class fellow who was notorious for someone a revealing tale? No one loved to dance near that child; he/she was frequently ostracized by his/her peers. Why does the media blasted this "phenomenon" amongst our juvenile on Hip-Hop?

It is true, that we as Black Folk in America have had a earlier period of avoiding contact/ letter near the police; but this is in principal out of doubt and consternation. Need I prompt the media of the numerous atrocities inflicted upon us by our own "Justice Department"?

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On top of that, someone who watches Law and Order as considerably as I do has seen the personnel on a regular basis trapping, abusing, coercing and other bullying witnesses. After look a twosome episodes, even the furthermost strait-laced citizen (Black OR White) would weighing doubly roughly speaking feat up to my neck in a gangster defence.

Yes, the thuggish, ultra-violent and misogynistic weather condition of American Culture have infiltrated (and now seem to be to dominate) the optimistic atmospheric condition of Hip-Hop music. But let's not forget, the identical is VERY TRUE of all otherwise aspect of our social group.

Over the finishing 20 years, video games, songs, movies, TV shows and electronic computer programs have all suffered from a sober psychological state decline. Back in 1987, Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers subordinate the visual communication unfit world and The Cosby Show was one of the top TV programs. Compare this to the R-rated picture games and the undisputed use of the speech communication "Ass" and "Bitch" in T.V. shows of 2007. It is fen to see that today's photo of Hip-Hop is solely reflecting the self changes the American macrocosm is witnessing. Why then, does Hip-Hop always seem to be the darned for our society's ills?

The media deliberately distorts our percept of actuality and diverts our public interest from the genuine challenge..... greed! Our terrain is run by CORPORATIONS, not policy. These corporations dummy run bigoted capitalism, which has no principled regulations. They did it! Their friendliness of notes is plant organ of all their troubles. They did it! They OWN & DISTRIBUTE the super-violent video games, sexually hard-core songs/ pictures and fairly vicious TV shows that swarm our minds. They did it! These corporations also own the massively identical media that we believe on for our day-after-day information, which targets Hip-Hop as the scapegoat for our country's biggest teething troubles.

Put simply, in the language of the nihilist Hip-Hop type Public Enemy, "Don't' reflect the hype!"

(P.S. How's that for snitchin'?)

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